Essential FRM Exam Calculator Shortcuts


What if we told you could save minutes–literally minutes–during the FRM exam? That’s valuable time you could use to recheck your answers and ensure you get the highest score possible. And all you have to do is learn a few calculator shortcuts. Essential FRM Exam Calculator Shortcuts Maybe you’re familiar with this thing? It’s a Texas Instruments…

5 CFA® Exam Study Hacks That Will Save You on Exam Day

CFA Exam

The Level I CFA exam can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned financial analysts. Being prepared required hundreds of hours of study and structured review. Here are five study hacks to help you get ready the right way. 1. Start Early (Earlier Than You Think!) Successful CFA candidates study, in general, at least 300 to…

Certified Internal Auditor® Career Paths & Possibilities

Are you an accounting professional or student thinking of internal auditing as a career? In the face of national and global regulatory changes, internal auditing as a profession is rapidly expanding in scope and in influence — and it offers Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) professionals a range of promising career paths.

CFA Level 1 Free Video Lectures


Master the Toughest Level I Topics on the CFA® Exam There is a great deal of material to cover while preparing for Level 1 of the CFA exam. Needless to say, it’s important to make the most of your study time to ensure you’re confident on exam day. At Wiley, we pride ourselves on being…

Must Watch Video: Overview of Task-Based Simulations


On April 1, 2017, the AICPA introduced some of the most wide-ranging and important updates to the CPA Exam in more than a decade, including significant changes to the way Task-Based Simulations (TBSs) are tested on each section of the CPA Exam. Task-Based Simulations is a core topic on the exam and a substantial part…

Introducing Wiley FRM® Exam Review’s Pop Quiz

FRM Exam

Get Free FRM® Exam Practice Questions Every Other Week If you are planning to take the FRM® exam, Wiley FRM Exam Review’s free pop quiz is for you. Every other week, we’ll send you practice questions that will help you develop a greater understanding of what you’re going to face on exam day. We’ve specifically…