Moving Beyond The Accounting Firm Bonus Plan


RELAX. There’s little chance of the accounting firm bonus ever going away (whew!). In fact, bonuses are becoming more common. But not all new positions are bonus-eligible and smaller and mid-sized accounting firms can’t always afford bonuses. What other kinds of incentives work? Two words: Professional development …

What Can You Do With CMA Certification?


If you’re studying accounting or early in your career, you’re probably wondering where things will lead in 10 years. If you earn CPA certification, you’ll likely have jobs preparing and reporting data for audits, taxes, and financial statements. But what if you want to interpret that data and recommend strategies? Or be a decision-maker? That’s when CMA certification can prove helpful…

The Secret To Keeping Millennials Engaged

Call me mister

Millennial-bashing is all the rage these days. And while youngsters born after 1980 (or even after 1990) may have very different priorities from their elder coworkers, millennials are a huge part of the workforce and can’t be ignored or dismissed. How do employers—not just accounting firms—go about keeping millennials engaged?

Are You Sure You Want to Get a CFA?


  Let’s face it: Most people want to get a CFA to stand out from the competition, and to earn more over their career. But those are just a couple of the ways that passing the exam can help you. Here are some of the other reasons why it’s worth taking on the challenge of becoming…

4 Time-Tested Tips for Passing the CFA Exam the First Time


You’ll need time, commitment, and perseverance to pass each of the Chartered Financial Analyst exam’s three levels, and even really smart and experienced candidates have been known to get snagged. As you probably know, the exam has a low overall pass rate of roughly 40%. If you aren’t prepared, you’re not likely to make it through….

Top 10 Cities For Accountants

Atlanta is one of the Top 10 Cities For Accountants

Our friends over at LedgerLink (’s social community for accounting pros) and AccountingWeb recently put out respective lists of Top 10 Cities For Accountants. Check ‘em out here and here. Both are great – but there seem to be some glaring omissions. No California cities? What about the Southeast? Hmmm.

The Hardest Parts of the CFA Exam

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Way back in 1963, when the very first CFA exam was given, there was just one level, and 94% of the 284 candidates passed. Of course, the exam (and everything else) has changed a whole bunch since then. Now the pass rate is a lot lower, and as you plan your studies, it’s important to know…

How to Pass the CMA Exam — The Basics


Becoming a CMA will certainly help your corporate accounting career and increase your earning potential. Roughly 80% of all accounting professionals work in some form of management accounting, and accounting professionals with the CMA designation earn nearly $28,000 more a year ($115,952 compared to $88,196) than those without any designation, according to an Institute of Management Accountants Salary Survey published in June…