Abdulrahman Tally is a business student at KPMG Academy in Amman, Jordan. Despite a significant language obstacle and an already heavy workload, Tally just passed both parts of the CMA exam, thanks to excellent discipline and quality study materials.


No one would deny that Abdulrahman Tally, a native of Jordan, bit off more than he could chew. First, he was a full-time KPMG Academy student in Amman, Jordan’s capital. Second, he decided to tackle CMA certification, both parts, at the same time he was attending classes, creating a logjam of intense study and schoolwork. Third, and here’s the kicker, as a native Arabic speaker, Abdulrahman had to translate some of the CMA study materials, test questions, etc., into Arabic in order to have a full understanding of them.

But he did it, and he passed. Abdulrahman had to grind and sacrifice in order to gain this highly sought CMA certification. Getting through the course, despite the obstacles, passing the exam, and earning his CMA designation amounted to nothing less than, in Abdulrahman’s words, “a dream come true.” And we’re thinking that phrase translates the same in both English and Arabic.

If you’ve just arrived to the party, the Certified Management Accountant designation is a globally recognized advanced-level credential appropriate for accounting and financial professionals. Achieving the designation indicates proficiency in financial planning, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics, all in-demand skills sought by organizations the world over.

Believe in Yourself

“I was so happy!” says Abdulrahman. “CMA is such an experience that it will help any candidate grow in many different areas of expertise. These areas are the best strengths for any accountant to possess.”

Tally also believed in himself. “You have to trust in your capabilities. You can be what you choose and you can achieve what you are looking forward to. Confidence and faith are my energies to the road of success.”

Along that road, both Tally and his institution, KPMG Academy, chose the Wiley CMAexcel Learning System materials to accomplish its goals. That was no coincidence. “I did my research, as I’m sure KPMG did, too,” he says. “Wiley’s CMAexcel system is the most suitable from my perspective and is the clearest to understand and study.”

Abdulrahman’s Advice for CMA Candidates

Having freshly endured the experience, our friend from Jordan thought he’d share some of the insights that helped him succeed. “Understanding the topics is the first step,” he says. “After that, you have to do your test bank questions after every topic. When you finish your topic you have to be sure to review it. When you finish your test bank you have to review both the topic and test bank questions.”

It is then, and not until then, that Abdulrahman says you’ve earned the right to progress to the next topic. “After you finish the full section I recommend a quick review of the entire section to make sure everything is well-studied.”

And study is what Abdulrahman did every day. “I had to give up all of my time to study for the CMA exam,” he says. “Forget the friends, forget the fun and entertainment. All of these activities had to go if I was going to meet my goals.”

Setting His Sight on Passing the CPA Exam

While he did attain the CMA certification, it didn’t take Abdulrahman long to set his sight on yet another goal. “I’m thinking of taking the CPA courses next, and I’m looking forward to future success with more such global certifications.”

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