“Practice with what you’ll see on game day.” –
Mike Duffy, CPA, Vice President, Wiley Efficient Learning

We’re pleased to announce the new CPA Exam testing interface is now available in every assessment in our platform, including every diagnostic, lesson, Task-Based Simulation, Online Test Bank, and practice exam.

All of the updates to the tools and functions were designed to improve your exam-taking experience and mimic the functionality you will experience on exam day starting April 1, 2018.

1. Enhanced Use of High Definition Monitors

The larger screen allows you to work with the provided tools more easily. You are now able to have multiple exam elements on the screen at the same time. Any additional “resources” needed to complete a task-based simulation are not on a separate tab and you will not need to split your screen to see both the work tab and the “resources” tab.

The working screen will always appear on the left and the right side of the screen will be used to display any extra information you need to complete a task-based simulation.


The larger, high definition monitors at Prometric Test Centers allows candidates to work with two documents at once on the same screen, mimicking the two-monitor environment CPAs often use in their work.

2. Microsoft Excel Integration

The spreadsheet currently on the exam will be replaced with a fully-functioning Excel. Using this “tool” is still not a required element of the exam.


3. Authoritative Literature

To access the tool, click the book icon on the main toolbar. The authoritative literature will be available in every Task-Based Simulation.


4. Exhibits

The new exam provides functionality for working with real exhibits such as emails and general ledger detail needed to complete task-based simulations. You will be able to open and review up to 8 exhibits at the same time. The exhibit windows can be tiled or cascaded, as shown below.





5. Cut, Copy, and Paste

The copy and paste tool will be more versatile. You can now paste into excel, the calculator, or the response area.


As always, software updates are free as part of our Partner Until You Pass Guarantee. For more information about the new CPA Exam testing interface, visit the AICPA website.