Must Watch Video: Overview of Task-Based Simulations on the CPA Exam

On April 1, 2017, the AICPA introduced some of the most wide-ranging and important updates to the CPA Exam in more than a decade, including significant changes to the way Task-Based Simulations (TBSs) are tested on each section of the CPA Exam. Task-Based Simulations is a core topic on the exam and a substantial part of your final score — so knowing how to handle each TBS inside and out is a must if you want to become a CPA.

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To help you prepare, Wiley CPAexcel is making available for free a video on Task-Based Simulations.

This must-see video lecture features a constructive walkthrough of each Task-Based Simulation as well as proven tips and tricks to help you tackle TBSs with confidence to ensure you’re prepared on exam day. Be sure to watch this video more than once throughout your studies as it encompasses key information every CPA candidate needs to know before taking the latest CPA Exam.

Topics discussed include:

  • Overall tips for success
  • Identify type of TBS
  • Identify strategies for each type of TBS
  • Guidance on time allocation

Register to access it now and ensure you are ready for each type of TBS when exam day arrives.