“Do the four sections of the CPA Exam have to be taken in any specific order or it is optional?”

This is a great question and one that we receive quite often in our customer service department.

Actually, the order in which you take the CPA exam is optional, but we do recommend a particular order for taking the exam.

FAR takes approximately 160 hours of study time and it’s the largest section to the exam. It also tends to give students the most difficulty, so we suggest taking this first. It’s best to get the hardest exam out of the way!

Studying for the AUD takes around 100 hours and a large amount of material in AUD coincides with materials found in FAR, so we suggest taking this exam secondly. It’s nice to build upon material that you just studied and is fresh in your mind.

REG will take most students around 120 hours of study time, so it is a good idea to tackle this exam third.