Keep Your Study Plan Alive During The HolidaysThe final weeks of the year always make it challenging to stick to your study plan.

Sure, the tendency is to blow it all off for a few weeks, but that can really hurt your progress. Instead, try to stay on track during this season of busy family time and celebrations with these simple tips …

1. Make A Schedule. (Duh.)

You’ve likely heard this nugget of advice many times: Study at a time (or times) each day when you won’t have too many distractions. This can be during your lunch break at work, on your daily commute (yay, mobile flashcards!), or later at night when things are quieter around the house. As with any study plan, do give yourself a day off here and there so you can tackle all those other errands and chores that could get in the way of your dedicated study time.

2. Stay Organized On The Go.

If you are traveling during the holidays, keep your study materials organized so you don’t waste valuable time searching for things. Also, stick to your study plan by making the most of long plane rides or road trips. (Two cheers for mobile flashcards!)

3. Set The Ground Rules.

Tell your family about your schedule and make it clear about the space and time you need to stick to your study plan. Keeping everyone informed about your studies—and that it’s only temporary—will give you enough space to stick to your study plan throughout the holidays.

4. Find a Study Buddy If You Can.

5. Yes, Take Plenty Of Breaks.

No need to be a slave driver. Stick your study plan but also make time to relax and enjoy your friends and family. This can also make your more productive during your allotted study time as well.

6. Don’t Stress If You Can’t Stick to Your Study Plan.

OK, there’s a good chance you’ll miss a study session or four– don’t feel guilty about it. It happens to everyone all the time, holidays or not. Just enjoy your time with your loved ones and focus on being productive when you do get back to your study routine.

Don’t make studying another point of stress these next few weeks.

Good luck!