In this post-financial crisis world, financial products and investment strategies continue to increase in complexity. That’s why possessing a sound understanding of mathematics and statistics is critical to your success as a quantitative trader and risk manager, as well as providing a solid foundation as you start on your journey to write the exam and become a certified FRM.

To help you grasp some of these fundamental mathematics concepts, Wiley’s FRM® Exam Review team is making one of our most important video lectures available to you for free: Core Concepts In Risk Management.

Featuring Christian Cooper, CFA, FRM, this in-depth, 40-minute lecture dives right into the key math concepts you’ll work with every day in the world of quantitative finance. These include:

  • Averages & Rate of Change
  • Derivatives
  • Variations and Variance
  • Randomness of Events
  • Direction of Time
  • And much more …

Even if you’re familiar with some or all of these concepts, you can still benefit from the great overview provided.