Profit, Finance Concept
This month’s free video lecture focuses on one of the most important concepts tested on Part 1 of the CMA Exam: Profitability Management.

Profit management is essential to achieve the sustainability of the enterprise. Generally, profit is measured by revenue minus cost, and shares a relationship at various levels of income definition and at various levels of accountability, such as the product, the business unit, and the customer. Each of these performance levels has specific issues with profit measurement.

To help you master it all, this free video lecture from the Wiley CMAexcel CMA Review Course features Prof. B. Douglas Clinton, PhD, CPA, CMA, providing a quick overview of the key concepts of profitability management.

This lecture will help you to understand key methods for evaluating profitability and performance, ROI and RI (residual income) calculations and their appropriate use/s, and much more.

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