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In this free video lecture from Wiley CMAexcel, we’ll explore one of the more complicated (and hated) topics on the CMA Exam: Forecasting Techniques.

Get out your notes and buckle up as Prof. B Douglas Clinton, CMA, CPA, of Northern Illinois University details the most common Forecasting Techniques for Certified Management Accountants.


Forecasting Techniques Overview

Whew! Prof. Clinton really does cover a lot of great ground in this lesson, doesn’t he? In the actual Wiley CMAexcel CMA Review Course, this video lecture is accompanied by a plethora of practice and proficiency questions as well as notes and study texts. It has everything you need to master Forecasting Techniques prior to the CMA Exam.

Here’s a quick overview of the Forecasting Techniques concepts covered in the above lesson:

  • Probability Analysis – How to determine the likelihood of a specific event occurring when several outcomes are possible.
  • Variance Analysis — How to measure the dispersion of values around the expected value.
  • Correlations Analysis —  How to measure the strength of a relationship between two or more variables.
  • Regression Analysis — How to predict the value of one factor (the dependent variable) based on the value of one or more other factors (the independent variables).

And much, much more … feel free to watch and re-watch this free video lecture on Forecasting Techniques as much as you like.

We’ll be posting the Deep Dive lesson that accompanies this video lecture in the coming weeks. It features Prof. Clinton and explores in-depth tricky forecasting techniques like regression analysis.

So be sure to check back here!

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