This free video lecture from Wiley’s CFA® Exam Review Course is a must-watch! Basit Shajani, CFA, expertly breaks down Fundamental Concepts, Frequency Distributions and Graphical Presentation of Data (aka Reading #7 from the CFA curriculum).

Fundamental Concepts, Frequency Distributions & Graphical Presentation of Data

This in-depth walkthrough of the Level I reading comes exclusively from Wiley’s CFA® Exam Review Course.

In it, Basit Shajani details exactly how to:

  • Distinguish between descriptive statistics and inferential statistics, between a population and a sample, and among the types of measurement scales;
  • Define a parameter, a sample statistic, and a frequency distribution;
  • Calculate and interpret relative frequencies and cumulative relative frequencies, given a frequency distribution;
  • Describe the properties of a data set presented as a histogram or a frequency polygon.

It’s a jam-packed lesson so be sure to take careful notes and follow along closely.

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