Business woman analyzing financial dataWhen it comes to analyzing financial statements, it’s common to use a company’s past performance to help gain an understanding of its likely future performance. In this free video lecture from Wiley’s CFA® Exam Review, Peter Olinto details how to evaluate a company’s past performance and predict its future performance using financial statement analysis.

Free CFA Exam Level I Video Lecture

In this in-depth walkthrough of a key CFA® exam Level I reading (Reading #34), Wiley’s CFA® Exam Review’s Peter Olinto walks us through how to:

1) Evaluate a company’s past financial performance and explain how a company’s strategy is reflected in past financial performance
2) Forecast a company’s future net income and cash flow based on that part performance.

Throughout the lecture, Peter offers some great tips for carrying out these calculations and avoiding mistakes, not to mention some great problem-solving examples.


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