failed the cfa examIt’s judgment day. CFA Exam scores are out.

And, as is the case with this notoriously difficult exam, more than half of you are finding out you failed the CFA exam.

Now what?

First, Admit You Failed The CFA Exam

You’re joining tens of thousands of others. The pass rate for the December 2014 Level I CFA Exam was only 44%.

If you’re like most CFA candidates, you’re probably pretty driven and not used to setbacks like this. Know that it’s OK to be upset. It’s OK to listen to some NIN and feel a little sorry for yourself. But only for for little while.

Despite the dramatic image at the top of this post, it is not the end of the world because you failed the CFA Exam. You can and will recover.

Make a Conscious Choice: Give Up or Go On

Gut-check time …

OK, painful as it may be, you need to revisit your results to see how close you were to passing. Band 10 means you were in the group of candidates closest to passing. These scores will help you to honestly evaluate whether you want to and should try again. (Questions about your score? Call the CFA Institute.)

So, what will it be?

CMA Exam Day

Do It Again, Just Better.

YES! You can do it.

Use your current scores to determine which areas you need the most help with and formulate a study plan.

And we can help — Wiley recently launched the ultimate CFA Review Course in early February. It features absolutely everything you need to pass the Level I or Level II CFA Exam in June.

For those who failed the CFA Exam, we’ll leave you with the immortal words of Tay Sway …