Task-based Simulations (TBSs) on the CPA Exam are designed to test your knowledge at a higher cognitive level. Because the weighting of TBSs is so high (50% on AUD, FAR, and REG, and 35% on BEC), performing well on these question types is critical – and can often be intimidating.

We want to help you make the most of your study time, so we’ve published a full series of Free TBS Coaching Videos! Maybe you’ve decided to focus more on Task-Based Simulations or to commit to learning new strategies to earn a higher score. Or maybe you’d like a refresher because sometimes we just need to get

Wherever you are in your study journey, these videos are for you.

Below is just one of the Free TBS Coaching Videos for you to enjoy. In it, Wiley’s Director of Curriculum, Denise Probert, CPA, CGMA will show you:

  • Easy ways to identify the type of question you’re encountering
  • How to most efficiently use your time
  • How much time to budget for answering the different types of questions
  • Pitfalls and common mistakes to watch out for

This is a great video to keep bookmarked so you can come back to it whenever you need help with Research TBSs!

Want to watch all the videos? Register for a free trial to gain access to the full series of TBS Coaching Videos, including:

  • How to Earn More Points on Basic Task-Based Simulations
  • How to Earn More Points on Document Review Simulations
  • How to Earn More Points on Enhanced Task-Based Simulations
  • How to Earn More Points on Research Task-Based Simulations
  • How to Earn More Points on Written Communications

Access the full video series now.