People don’t become CPAs because they’re attracted to the fame and fast life of a public accountant. For many, it’s about a good CPA salary.

So, how much more can you make as a CPA? We crunched the numbers for a CPA salary and have the definitive answer …

It of course depends on your circumstances, but our analysis found that the average annual CPA salary is up to 15% higher than that of non-CPA accountants.

Check out this snazzy infographic with all the details.

CPA Salary Breakdown

CPA Salary Breakdown

On average, a CPA salary is up to 15% higher than that of a non-CPA accountant.


And it’s not just that CPAs take home bigger salaries—up to $130,000 a year, according to the IMA—they also bring in more money for their firms. CPAs bill 68% more than non-CPA holders.

If anything is clear from the above infographic, it’s that your CPA salary only gets bigger and better as your career matures.

Think about it: Over the course of a 40-year career, a CPA license could earn you an additional $1 million in salary compared to the salary of a non-CPA accountant.

Not a bad return on your investment.

Open Doors to a Variety of Career Paths

In addition to a good CPA salary, you also have very real career advance possibilities. Check out the many potential career paths that earning your CPA license could lead you down, compliments of PayScale.

CPA Career PathsA lot of those potential jobs aren’t too many steps away from the C-level suite.

More Than Just A Good CPA Salary

A CPA license brings more than just inter-office and career-ladder mobility.

Earning you CPA license can also help you land a job in a new locale (check out our latest list of the top 10 U.S. cities for accountants) or ensure that you’ll be able to find a good job and a good salary in most markets.

So, why are you working to become a CPA? Is it all about the money for you?