iStock_000049252228_SmallWhat if we told you could save minutes–literally minutes–during the CFA®  Exam?

That’s valuable time you could use to re-check your answers and ensure you get the highest score possible. And all you have to do is learn a few calculator shortcuts.

Essential BA II Plus Calculator Shortcuts


Maybe you’re familiar with this thing? It’s a  Texas Instruments BA II Plus calculator and it’s one of the only two calculators approved for use during the CFA exam. (Be sure to familiarize yourself with the  CFA Institute’s calculator policy.)

But chances are you aren’t leveraging its full potential.

Darren Miller, CFA, one of Wiley’s CFA Exam Review instructors has created a cheat sheet of calculator shortcuts.

Download your free copy right now.

This helpful cheat sheet covers:

  • What the optimal calculator formats are and why
  • Step-by-step instructions for configuring up your calculator
  • Great shortcuts for the time value of money worksheet
  • Why you should bring an extra battery (and possibly a screwdriver) to the exam

If you don’t have a BA II Plus now, you’ll want one (buy one here) after reading Darren’s tips.

Get your calculator cheat sheet here.