Certified Public Accountants are much more than your Average Joes. Accounting is a respected career path and CPAs are well respected. Check out some of these now-famous (or once-famous) faces who started out on the road to becoming CPAs.

 It’s Celebrity CPAs!

First the musicians …






Mick Jagger
The Rolling Stones frontman studied accounting at the London School of Economics (on scholarship!). Guess he didn’t find it very satisfying.






Janet Jackson
Ms. Jackson (cause we’re nasty) also studied accounting before going into the family business.






Robert Plant
We’ll admit this one is a stretch. Plant only studied for a few weeks to be an accountant (it still counts!) before calling it quits. They ain’t Zeppelin, but you should still check out the Sensational Spaceshifters.






Gibby Haynes
The lead singer of the Butthole Surfers (check out their craaaazy Lollapalooza concert) , studied accounting at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.  He was even named “Accounting Student of the Year.” He quit to do rock ‘n roll.

Next up, athletes …






Chuck Liddell
This amazingly scary mixed martial artist (now retired)  earn a B.A. in business/accounting from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Instead of auditing, Liddell became the Ultimate Fighting Championship Light Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Fame inductee. Some of his matches are legendary.






D Lo Brown
Oh, the 90s … back when D’Lo Brown (real name Accie Julius Connor) was a popular wrestler for the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment. But before he was a wrestling champion, Brown was working as a Certified Public Accountant. He holds an accounting degree from the University of Maine.

And one random one …

UC law students receive a copy of one of the Grisham books.





John Grisham
Before he became the best-selling author of 16 gallion legal thrillers, Grisham earned a degree in accounting before heading off to law school and becoming a tax lawyer. It gave him great fodder for his first (best) novel.

Surely we missed a few. Do you know any other celebrity CPAs?

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