From passing the CPA Exam and starting a CPA exam resource website to competing in Tough Mudder events, Bryan Kesler seems to know the secret to staying motivated for success. Since graduating in 2008 from Southern Illinois University, Bryan simply hasn’t stopped short at accomplishing his goals.


CPAexcel: Bryan, what inspired you to start CPA exam guide.

Bryan Kesler: As a student fresh out of college I was very disappointed with the lack of information for how to sign up for the CPA exam as it is an extremely complicated process that differs by state. My site started out as a few pages related to how to sign up for the exam by state and has now grown to be one of the top CPA resources ranked by Google for students seeking to find reviews on CPA review courses such as CPAexcel, how to pass the CPA exam, and be an exceptional public accountant.

CPAexcel: What is it about the CPA that grabbed your attention and gave you enough interest to want to pursue this as a career?

Bryan Kesler: The CPA exam is one of the most powerful tools that an accountant can obtain. After graduating from Southern Illinois University in 2008, I knew with the downturn in the economy that if I wanted to keep a steady job I would need those 3 letters after my name.

This is also why I started The CPA Guide. I knew there are thousands of other people like me trying to become CPAs and I wanted to create a website that compiles all the information you need to know regarding the CPA exam in one place.

CPAexcel: What is your best piece of advice for students preparing to take the CPA exam?

Bryan Kesler: Routine. Most CPA Candidates don’t have the luxury of time so fitting in notecards during lunch, listening to lectures during your commute, and taking 30 minutes out of your day to get physical activity are all essential to staying in CPA exam passing mode! You can see more on how I stayed motivated over the year and a half that it took me to pass the CPA exam in The CPA Guide’s FAQ about the CPA exam here.

CPAexcel: What is the most important lesson that being a CPA has taught you?

Bryan Kesler: Perseverance. Passing the CPA exam was one of the most difficult tasks I have ever completed. It instilled a work ethic that I have been able to retain to this day. Passing the CPA exam makes you realize that nothing in life is given to you; you have to work for everything that you earn. This work ethic is how I was able to get through 4 public accounting busy seasons and why I now have one of the top ranking CPA exam websites on Google.

CPAexcel: Any exciting events happening on your Web site now or in the near future?

Bryan Kesler: The CPA Guide is getting a facelift very soon! Now that I am out of public accounting I want to personalize The CPA Guide so that you can get to know me better. Look for a smoother interface and mobile compatibility in the coming months. Maybe even an iPhone/Android App 😉

I am always looking for new topics to discuss whether it be tips and tricks to passing the CPA exam, how to be a better public accountant, or even comedy in the audit room.

CPAexcel: If you were granted one super power, what would it be and why?

Bryan Kesler: This is easy. I would want to be able to fly. Any auditor knows the most dreaded time of the week is the time it takes to drive from your house to when you finally get to your airplane. Nothing worse than tourists and travelers who don’t know what they are doing going through security!

CPAexcel: What do you do in your free time to relax and get away from it all?

Bryan Kesler: My latest passion is running in Tough Mudder events, which is a 12 mile muddy course with 18 various obstacles that you must complete with your team! The similarities between the Tough Mudder and passing the CPA exam are undeniable. Similar to passing a CPA part once you have cleared one obstacle you look down the muddy path and realize you STILL have to run another mile to get to the next obstacle. There is nothing sweeter than running through that last obstacle and looking back at all you accomplished!

I wish you all the best in your studies and the best of luck as you sit for the hardest exam you will ever complete!

Thanks to Bryan Kesler for his time in responding to our inquiries. For more information or to follow Bryan on social media, check out his Web site , find him on Twitter and connect with him on Facebook.