Aimed at Better Preparedness & Outcomes

Launched in June 2019, the AICPA’s sample test enhancements are focused on providing deeper insight into task-based simulations and written communication tasks. While the online sample tests are not complete replicas of a four-hour exam, they do provide some realistic exam practice that should be used in conjunction with your Wiley CPAexcel Review Course.

Among the enhancements that were just released:

  • Answer rationales and related Exam Blueprint information (reference, skill level, task statement) for task-based simulations
  • Sample answers for written communication tasks

Each sample test has five testlets with 10 multiple-choice questions and six task-based simulations, except BEC, which has 10 MCQs, three TBSs, and two written communications tests.

Access the sample tests on the AICPA website.

Use the AICPA Sample Tests as Part of Your Comprehensive Study Plan

As always, there is no magic bullet for the CPA Exam. While these enhanced sample tests are another great resource for you, they should be used as part of a much more comprehensive study strategy.

Using these tests in conjunction with your Wiley CPAexcel Review Course, which offers unlimited full, 4-hour practice exams in actual exam day conditions as well as the most practice questions of any review course, is your best option for ensuring you’re prepared for the rigors of the CPA Exam.

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