The new CPA Exam testing interface will go live April 1, 2018, including brand new functionalities and features. All of the updates to the tools and functions were designed to improve your exam-taking experience. Below we’ve outlined what the key changes are and linked to AICPA’s guided tutorial of the new and enhanced Exam software features coming in April 2018.

What Are the New Tools and Features?

  • Enhanced Use of High Definition Monitors– The larger screen allows you to work with the provided tools more easily. You will now be able to have multiple exam elements on the screen at the same time.
  • Microsoft Excel Integration–You can now use Microsoft Excel throughout all testlets except the Written Communicationstestlet in the Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) section. Note: The AICPA guided video tutorial shows you how to use Microsoft Excel during the exam.
  • Authoritative Literature–You are required to use the authoritative literature for the research task-based simulations. You should review the tutorial for the authoritative literature and use the authoritative literature in the sample test to be familiar with its functionality.
  • Exhibits–The new exam provides functionality for working with real exhibits such as emails and general ledger detail needed to complete task-based simulations. You will be able to open and review up to 8 exhibits at the same time.
  • Copy and Paste & Highlight–The copy and paste tool will be more versatile. At any point, you can select text in an exhibit and a highlight tool will appear. You can now paste into excel, the calculator, or the response area.

Click below to watch AICPA’s guided tutorial further explaining the format and functionality of the Uniform CPA Examination.



As a Wiley CPAexcel student, rest assured that you will have access to the new testing interface. In mid-March, our practice exam interface will be fully updated to reflect the new testing experience.

As always, software updates are free as part of our Partner Until You Pass Guarantee. Stay tuned for an announcement next month about this exciting product update.