Improve Your CMA Exam ScoreOver the years, we’ve helped thousands of candidates prepare for and pass the CMA Exam. And, in that time, we’ve learned a thing or to about how you can improve your CMA Exam score. Here are five strategies that, if followed, are sure to improve your CMA Exam score.

1) Practice MCQ & Essays Equally.

Similar to the CPA Exam, the CMA Exam is composed of a multiple-choice section worth 75% of your score and an essay section worth the remaining 25%. You must score 50% or better on the multiple-choice section to advance to the essay section.

“Passing” the MCQ section does not mean you passed the exam. You must still perform well on the essay portion to achieve a total passing score, which is at least 360 out of 500 points (e.g. a 72%).

This is why, to improve your CMA Exam score, you must practice both multiple-choice and essay questions in an exam-like environment. Period.

2) Don’t Memorize. Learn.

Please don’t assume you need a need a near-perfect score on your MCQ practice sessions before you’re “prepared for the CMA Exam. This can cause even the best of students to memorize answers rather than learn the actual concepts underneath the questions.

To improve your CMA score, you should instead focus on learning the material in your study sessions and practice answering the types of questions  (rather than the actual questions) you’ll encounter.

3) Go Ahead, Change An Answer!

Here’s a popular myth: You should always stick with your first answer.

Not true!

Contrary to popular belief, your first instinct is not always right. Numerous studies of testing environments have shown that, on average, when a student changes his/her answer, they choose the right answer about 55% of the time.

So, if you have doubts about an answer and a good rationale for choosing another option, by all means change your answer. There’s a good chance it will help to improve your CMA Exam score.

4) Answer Every Question – Even If Guessing.

This is one of the simplest ways to improve your CMA Exam score.

Why? Because you are graded based solely the questions you answer correctly. There is no negative impact for getting an answer wrong.

To maximize your score, answer every question on the exam. Do not leave an answer blank. Guessing is fine, but do your best to narrow your options down to the two most likely answers.

5) Use All The Time You Have.

Likewise, there is no point to wrapping up your exam early, even if you’ve answered all the questions.  Use whatever remaining time you have to go back and check your answers (see point #3).

You may recall a fact or step you previously overlooked. This exercise can help you improve your CMA Exam score in the final few minu