Businessman Meditating OutdoorsDoes the looming CFA exam have you stressed out?

You’re definitely not alone. Here are five ways you can de-stress before Exam Day. 

1) Get Some Sleep!

Chances are you’re not getting anywhere near enough sleep. Late-night study sessions coupled with a full workday plus family obligations can really eat into your sleep.

But you have set limits and make sleep a priority. Eight hours should be your target, no matter how silly that seems.

One way to ensure you actually get to sleep when you make it to bed is to cut down on “screen time.” That means don’t watch television or play with your smartphone for a good 60 minutes before bedtime. This will help to calm your mind so you can actually fall asleep.

2) Eat Better

One of the biggest reasons (outside of screens) most people sleep poorly and are tired all the time is due to a poor diet. You want to feel better? Then eat better?

How? A doctor once summed it to me this way: “Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat more of the color green, less of the color white.”

That means more green leafy vegetables and less of things like sugar, salt, bread, processed foods, etc.

Sounds pretty simple, right? (Until that inevitable craving for pizza hits …)

3) Exercise

Is this starting to read like an article from a health magazine? Well, the truth is that the healthier you are, the lower your stress levels. Studies even suggest being healthier makes you happier, and visa versa.

So while you’re eating your leafy greens and drinking plenty of water and sleeping through night, you’ll want to make time for regular exercise. Now, we know not all CFA candidates can get the recommended 30 to 60 minutes  of exercise a day, but do your best.

Over here at UWorld, we’re huge fans of yoga. It’s a great form of exercise and also teaches you some great breathing techniques. But even just getting out for a nice long walk is a great way to de-stress.

4) Spend Time Friends & Family

We know that studying is problem you primary focus outside of work and that sometimes it’s hard to make time for your friends and family … but do it anyway.

It can be as simple as going for a walk with your significant other or setting up a early morning coffee date.

5) Treat Yourself

Getting a nice massage or acupuncture treatment may be a luxury, but it’s a justifiable one. You’re working super hard to earn your CFA Charter. The least you can do is take some time for yourself.

Go on a short vacation, even if it’s just a weekend camping trip. Hit the day spa. Reward yourself with a great, memorable experience rather than buying something.