Situational questions on the PMP® exam are hard, especially if your experience as a project manager has been with an organization that doesn’t commit to PMI’s ideas word for word. Do what you must at your job, but commit these mottos to memory for the PMP exam.

  1. Human Resources:  Confronting  isn’t bad—it’s a problem solving-approach that means addressing a problem rather than avoiding it.
  2. Time Management: The terms activity and task can be used interchangeably in practice and on the PMP exam.
  3. Pre-Project: In a PMP question, assume that the organization has a structured project-selection process.
  4. Scope: It’s important that stakeholders agree to the requirements. You may want to get sign-off or some other written form of agreement for the requirements.
  5. Quality: For the PMP exam, delivering more quality than is required is frowned upon. It uses time and resources at additional cost to add features that are not necessary.