The CFA Institute has rigid requirements that must be met by every candidate before membership is awarded. The CFA® exam is an ambitious and demanding test, but those who pass will be recognized by employers globally and reap the benefits of being in such a respected international organization.

To give you an idea of how challenging the exams are, here are the global pass rates for each level in June 2016:

Level 1: 42%
Level 2: 46%
Level 3: 54%

Wondering why the pass rates are so low?

Here are the five common reasons candidates fail:

1. Starting late/insufficient study time
2. Lack of preparation and structured exam plan
3. Not knowing the CFA® curriculum
4. Inability to apply learning through lack of practice
5. Exam day issues including poor exam time management, overthinking or reading questions too quickly

With the numerous responsibilities and obligations that come with day-to-day life, Wiley understands finding time to study for the CFA® exam can be a tough task to tackle.

Our materials make passing the CFA exam as easy as possible, ensuring you are prepared on exam day. Our study guides ensure complete curriculum coverage—explaining every example, definition and concept you need. We have more than 90 hours of comprehensive instruction videos (50+ hours for Level III), 25 hours of intensive review videos and 10 hours of mock exam review videos. If you have any problems or questions, our top instructors are there to respond to you with the answers you need. Then check you can apply what you have learned with thousands of practice questions and mock exams that are close to those you will see on the actual exam.

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