In support of two new Virtual Classroom sections – AUD and FAR – starting soon, we wanted to provide a better understanding of the Wiley CPA Virtual Classroom Series and learn why we created this as a supplement to our course. This article also covers the general details of what students can glean from participation.

Using our quarterly exam surveys and customer feedback as a reference point, we discovered that students could greatly benefit from a more hands-on and interactive learning approach to learning CPA Exam related material. Presenting these topics in a more in-depth and focused channel would build confidence in preparation for exam day.

The Virtual Classroom Series was created to:

  1. Offer an opportunity for students to interact live with a subject matter expert once or twice a week.
  2. Increase motivation. An exam plan is one thing.  An exam plan with live classes included is another!
  3. Add a social dimension.  The same group of candidates meets weekly, moves through the material and sits for the exam with similar deadlines, struggles, and goals.
  4. Provide focus (instructors answer the question of “which lessons cover heavily tested areas?”, “which lessons are traditionally more difficult for candidates and therefore may require more time?”)
  5. Offer an alternative perspective (There is often more than one way to approach a problem.  VC instructors identify the questions that frequently give students trouble and provide an alternate way of tackling them.
  6. Impart best practices (study tips, advice for interacting with mentors, research…)
  7. Offer a venue for other valuable information that doesn’t naturally ‘fit’ into a Bite-Sized Lesson.For example, frequently asked questions and foundational material for students who are ‘learning’ rather than ‘reviewing’
  8. Provide another level of support. Speak with a professor live, interact with peers, and get help planning your study schedule.
  9. Embrace the advantages of video. Hearing and watching a professor walk through how they solve a problem is often more effective than reading text or drilling on multiple-choice questions.
  10. They offer yet another alternative for the varied learning styles and busy schedules that are the reality of today’s exam candidate.

Want more information?
Visit the Wiley CPA Virtual Classroom Course page to get details, pricing, and section start dates.