Wiley’s new FRM Exam Review courses for the Part I May 2017 exam will make the most of your study time, preparing you to successfully cross the finish line. Authored by expert Christian Cooper, our new courses connect the dots across the curriculum and provide all the tips and tactics you need to help you pass the exam.

Our review courses come with everything you need to fully prepare for the FRM Exam, including:

· Our Adaptive Exam Planner which lets you plan your study around your real-world schedule
· 35+ hours of Video Lectures by a master instructor, Christian Cooper, who has helped hundreds of candidates from 80+ countries to pass the FRM® exam
· Bite-Sized Lessons™ – Covering all Learning Objectives our 30-45 minute lessons have been designed to help you learn faster and retain more
· Online Mentoring provides direct access to expert instructors
· Print-Friendly Online Study Text Covering Every Learning Objective
· 480+ Practice Questions and Metrics to help keep you on track
· Mock Exam that closely resembles the questions you will experience on exam day
· Pay Once Guarantee – all updates and upgrades are free until you pass Part I
· And More …

Other FRM courses charge extra for you to re-take a level. Not with Wiley. Purchase one of our FRM® Exam Review Courses and enjoy 100% free course repeats and updates until you pass. It’s the best pass guarantee in the market.

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