One of the biggest mistakes CMA candidates is underestimating the amount of study that’s required in the final weeks before the CMA Exam. You don’t want to show up on exam day less than fully prepared.

CMA_2017_11th_Hour_420x330To ensure you’re 100% prepared and ready for anything on exam day, Wiley CMAexcel has just launched its CMA 11th Hour Final Review, complete with full mock CMA exams and featuring tons of expert advice from instructor Steve Smith, Associate Professor at Brigham Young University.

Included in the 11th Hour Final Review are:

  • Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) Review Document – An online text summary of every topic you need to review and know to tackle the CMA exam with confidence.
  • Full Mock Exams with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Essays – Each exam part features one full mock CMA exam with 100 MCQs and two essay questions each (200 MCQs and four essays in total if you purchase both parts). Mock exams mirror the actual exam experience in number and type of questions, weighting, time limits and testing interface. Take the mock exams as many times as you’d like. Each time, you’ll get a full report of your results, highlighting your specific strengths and weaknesses.
  • 14 Hours of Final Review Videos – A series of 40+ short video lectures reviewing the most challenging topics on the CMA exam. You’ll also get tips and tricks for tackling tough questions, advice on where to focus your time in the final weeks of preparation, walkthroughs of final review practice questions, and tips and reminders to help you feel right at home on exam day.

You can purchase both parts of Wiley CMAexcel’s 11th Hour Final Review Course for just $600, or a single part for $400. Click here to purchase or learn more.


NOTE: This product is included in the Wiley CMAexcel Platinum Review Course or may be purchased as a supplemental product.