Thank You for Purchasing the Professional Analytics eLearning Bundle

We look forward to helping you develop your knowledge and competencies in this topic. Your bundle includes access to the following AICPA certificates and course:

  • Application of Data Analysis Essentials Certificate
  • Data Analysis Fundamentals Certificate
  • Critical Thinking Skills Course

Through a combination of foundational and application-based learning methods, you will:

  • Develop foundational knowledge of data analytics, including fundamental statistical analysis techniques used to collect useful information from data sets.
  • Learn the different variables that make up a data set, perform meaningful calculations, and review key data relationships: central tendency, variability, probability, and distribution.
  • Utilize conclusions from data analysis to drive positive results in a business environment.
  • Explore the powerful “R” open-source platform.
  • Effectively diagnose problems, make better decisions, identify solutions, and disseminate information.

Getting Started

To access your Professional Analytics eLearning Bundle after purchasing from Staan, you will need a Wiley Efficient Learning account. Efficient Learning is the online platform you will use to log in and complete your coursework.

  1. If you already have a Wiley Efficient Learning account from previous experience with the platform, simply log in here.
    efficient learning login screen
  1. If you do not yet have a Wiley Efficient Learning account, create one here. We recommend you use the same email address you entered when purchasing your bundle on the Staan Academy website.
  1. Within 24 hours of creating your account, you will see a tile for each certificate or course in your bundle on your Account page. For the Professional Analytics eLearning Bundle, you will have three total course tiles. Begin working by clicking Go To Course on one of the tiles. See example tile below.
    efficient learning login screen

If you have questions or need assistance accessing your bundle on Wiley Efficient Learning, please email us at or contact customer service.

Congratulations on taking this step in your professional development journey!