Getting Started

Wiley’s Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam Review Course ensures you’re fully prepared with the very best study materials delivered in a way that helps you master concepts faster, retain more of what you learn and become exam ready. Get started in three easy steps: Plan, Study and Assess.


1-plan PLAN

Having a solid study plan is essential to your success. Our Exam Planner creates a detailed study plan based on your schedule, with your assignments mapped out to the day.

Exam Planner

Before you start studying, you need a plan. Our Exam Planner will provide you with a customized study plan down to the day, to meet your end date.

Exam Planner
Exam Planner
Exam Planner
Logging In

study STUDY

With your course dashboard, you’ll have access to all of your study materials with a holistic view of your progress.

  • Syllabus – See an overview of your entire study plan, showing which lessons you need to complete, your current progress and your performance.
  • Lessons – Each lesson includes a mix of video lectures and slides, practice questions and other study materials that can be completed in about 30 minutes.


The Syllabus is a roadmap of the lessons you’ll need to complete the course. See current and upcoming assignments and quickly track your progress through our Bite-Size Lessons.


Lesson Page

This is a “Bite-Sized Lesson”. It includes study text, video lectures, practice questions, and more. If you need more help with a topic, supplemental study materials can be added to the lesson page.

Lesson Page

Creating Your Customized Lesson Plan

Creating your customized lesson pageCreating your customized lesson page

Split Screen

split view



Assess Assess

Our extensive assessment will fully prepare you for your SIE Exam.

My Metrics

My Metrics provides an overview of how you are progressing through the course and includes data on every assessment you’ve taken. Quickly identify areas and topics where you have weaknesses.


Test Bank

Our Test Bank tool lets you pick and choose which topics you want to focus on and create quick question drills.

test bank section

Lesson Assessments

As you progress through the course, Assessments check your knowledge and progress so you will know what to expect on exam day.

Assessments section

Mock Exams

Best wishes for your studies. If you have questions, please reach out to us by phone, email or chat – we’re always here to help!