Forum Guidelines

Wiley contains a variety of dedicated discussion areas:

  1. Student Discussions are moderated by Wiley Support Staff and are intended to foster peer discussion of all things exam related.
  2. Mentored Discussions are available to those users who have purchased the mentoring service and are reserved for questions about content.

By accepting this Agreement and/or participating in any of the discussion areas, user acknowledges and agrees to abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Post to the appropriate forum. To facilitate a timely response to user questions, users are asked to make an effort to communicate via the appropriate channel:
    • Specific content questions should be posted in the mentored discussion area of the lesson or assessment that houses the content.
    • Technical problems are handled by Wiley Support Staff and not the professor mentors. Though Wiley Support Staff does monitor all mentored discussions, contacting technical support directly by emailing will result in quicker resolution.
    • All other questions and comments should be posted to the Student Discussion forum available in the courseware.
  2. Be constructive. Complaints should be mailed directly to our customer service team. Wiley will address all issues and endeavor to solve them in a timely fashion; however, unconstructive criticism will be removed from the Wiley Discussion Forums.
  3. Be nice. Wiley students should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Wiley Support Staff reserves the right to edit or remove any post at any time, and the determination of what is construed as indecent, vulgar, spam, etc. is at the sole discretion of Wiley Support Staff. Repeated abuse of the discussion forums may result in termination of discussion forum and/or Wiley access without refund.
  4. Use an appropriate, descriptive subject line when posting a new topic. Examples of bad titles include: “Help me!” and “I don’t understand!” Examples of good titles include: “Why is PQ1423 False? “, “Flashcards in Extinguishment are blank.” etc.
  5. Use clear, concise and grammatically correct business English to ensure a prompt and clear response from Wiley Support Staff.

Additional guidelines pertaining only to the professor mentored discussion areas:

  1. Don’t post off-topic. The scope of the exams we cover are broad enough without introducing discussions about, or questions on, material not explicitly covered in the Wiley Review Course. Questions deemed unrelated or “off-topic” will be ignored and/or removed.
  2. Don’t post excessively. Because this is a review course, students are expected to have an understanding of the basic subject matter in order to comprehend and benefit from this course. If a student demonstrates a lack of such basic knowledge by posting an excessive number of questions, the Wiley Efficient Learning Support Staff will provide a private warning. Repeated infraction may result in suspension of a student’s access to mentors. An excessive number of questions will be defined as: more than 3 reading comprehension questions per week, and/or 3 introductory level subject matter questions per week, as determined in the sole discretion of Wiley Efficient Learning Support Staff.

Note: In order to keep the forum archives relevant, posts discussing content that has been removed, changed or updated will be removed.

Reminder: Exam candidates sign a non-disclosure agreement when sitting for the exam. We understand that discussion of material you saw tested on the exam may be helpful to your fellow candidates, but we ask that you refrain from posting any specific information that may contravene the agreement you signed on exam day. General discussion of exam content is not prohibited.