How can you prepare your learners?

89% of business leaders say graduating students lack the skills their organizations need for success.

As advances in technology and data analytics drive change across business, finance and accounting industries, students must develop the technical and soft skills that will make them essential in the ever-changing and competitive job market.

To help you ensure your students’ success, Wiley and AICPA have partnered to deliver innovative and customizable Skills Accelerator certificates designed to bridge the growing skills gap and “future-proof” learners with must-have professional competencies. Learn More

Learners will earn Credly certificate badges which will demonstrate their experience and knowledge to future employers – giving them a competitive edge in a demanding job market. To earn this badge, students will spend a minimum of 21 hours completing the following Skills Accelerator courses (each with a unique badge earning criteria):

Data Core Concepts Certificate – An essential guide for accounting and finance professionals. Learn core concepts in data analytics and how to conduct and apply data analytics to projects in your organization. CPE Credits = 8
Data Visualization Certificate – Learn fundamental types of visualization techniques and explore a sampling of the most common reporting tools for producing meaningful visualizations. CPE Credits = 10
CQ Originals: Active Listening – Become an active listener and sharpen your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Active listening unlocks other soft skills like team management, collaboration, and negotiation. CPE Credits = 2
CQ Originals: Critical Thinking Skills – Become a critical thinker and pave the way for improved problem-solving communication and collaboration skills. CPE Credits = 1
Expert Instructors
Self-Paced Learning
Adopt high quality courses from experts across Wiley, AICPA, Cq: Communication Quotient and Boxplay
Build learners’ core competencies with minimal facilitation effort
Integrate seamlessly into your institution’s Learning Management System (LMS)
Industry Validated
Earn Wiley & AICPA co-branded certificates that meet industry standards
Support resume building with digital badges issued upon completion
Tools to Ensure You Learn
Differentiate Your Program
Partner with us to diversify your program offerings, by enhancing learning outcomes, currency, and employability
Align pre-built certificates with core Wiley content to meet your needs
Provide stackable skills credentials to be used independently or part of a degree program
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