CPA Boot Camps – Live Classes from UWorld

Top Instructors Help You Boost Your Score

The 2024 CPA Exam doesn’t have to be intimidating. Tackle your upcoming exam date with confidence thanks to our latest course feature—Live CPA Boot Camps for all core exam sections! Led by experts Jeanne Yamamura, Peter Olinto, Greg Carnes, and Suzanne Youngberg, these classes are designed to dive into the details—discussing tips and tricks for study time, highlighting most-tested concepts, and more. 

Simply enroll in an individual exam section (AUD, FAR, or REG) or the complete program, and our team will address your questions like: 

  • How long should I expect to study?
  • Where should I focus my time?
  • Which areas are the most difficult?
  • Which areas are the most heavily tested?

Along with answering the above questions, instructors will work additional exam problems, often in a different way than presented in the courseware. These walk-throughs also explain ways the examiners may try to trip you up and illustrate how you can answer questions more efficiently.

Boot Camp Structure and Content

Each core section of the CPA Exam includes two 2-hour sessions scheduled during weeknights so you can maximize your study time without disrupting your work day.

Can’t attend a live session? Watch the recording later directly within your course on the UWorld platform. 

Every Boot Camp covers unique topics while maintaining a focus on the material you’re most likely to encounter on exam day. 

  • AUD: audit planning, internal controls, RMM, and more 
  • FAR: consolidated financial statements, statement of cash flows, and earnings per share 
  • REG: basis of assets and cost recovery, loss limitations, and gross income for individuals 
To learn how to register for UWorld’s Live CPA Boot Camps, upgrade your course package, and watch recorded sessions, click here