Top 10 Ways Firms Can Help Employees Earn Their CPA License

download our PDF on the Top 10 ways firms can help employees earn their CPA license

Helping your employees get their CPA licenses, in turn, helps your business. When you partner with Wiley, you provide your employees with everything they need to prepare for and pass the CPA Exam their first time. Wiley’s online CPA courses deliver the industry’s most robust, up-to-date content and have been proven to dramatically improve pass rates. In this infographic, you’ll walk away with 10 ways you can help your employees obtain their CPA license and get back to work for your firm as soon as possible.

Download this infographic to learn the top 10 ways you can help your employees earn their CPA license, including:

  • Preparation materials that suit individual learning styles
  • Tips and training for study and time management
  • The importance of a mentor
  • A supportive culture

Plus – see how test prep providers, like Wiley, can help your employees get their CPA licenses quickly.