Official CMT® Curriculum Frequently Asked Questions

We know that studying to become a Chartered Market Technician® is no easy feat. That’s why Wiley is excited to offer the Official CMT® Curriculum across Levels I-III in a variety of accessible formats to meet your unique study needs, including:

  • Digital Efficient Learning Courseware – *Best Experience*
  • Print/Physical Book
  • VitalSource eBook – *Digital Only Curriculum Course Customers*

Find the right format for you by toggling through the Frequently Asked Questions below—it’s time to begin your journey to earning the CMT designation!

  • The CMT® Digital Efficient Learning Curriculum is an online version of curriculum content accessible via Wiley’s award-winning Efficient Learning platform. When studying your Official CMT® Curriculum in the Efficient Learning application, you’ll find tools to plan your study, manage your time, take custom notes, and more.

    With the Efficient Learning mobile application, you can take your copy of the Official CMT® Curriculum and all of its accompanying study tools on the go!

  • The Official CMT® Curriculum is once again available in traditional eBook format via our partner, VitalSource. Customers who purchase the Digital Only version of the curriculum for Level I, II, or III via Wiley’s website receive a VitalSource eBook in addition to their Efficient Learning courseware.

    Customers who purchase the Print + Digital version of the curriculum for Level I, II, or III will receive the print book and Efficient Learning course only.

    If you would like the eBook from VitalSource, you must purchase the Digital Only package for your required exam level.

  • The content included in the Digital Efficient Learning course and VitalSource eBook of the Official Curriculum is identical. The complete curriculum for all three levels of the exam is available in both formats.

    In addition to the curriculum content itself, the Efficient Learning courseware format offers a set of unique study tools that have helped over 1,000,000 finance, accounting, and admissions exam candidates worldwide prepare for challenging professional development tests.

    These features include:

    • Custom Exam Planner – enter your test date and available study days to receive your personalized study schedule in seconds!
    • Advanced Notetaking and Highlighting Features – Annotate your Official Curriculum as needed.
    • Detailed Syllabus Aligned with the Curriculum – See how much curriculum content you’ve reviewed across every learning objective.

    The VitalSource eBook offering is a standard eBook usable on your favorite personal devices with basic engagement tools. To learn more about VitalSource eBook features, please visit

  • Yes, you may download the CMT® Official Curriculum directly onto your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.  

    For instructions on downloading your Digital Efficient Learning curriculum readings, click here.

    For instructions on downloading your VitalSource eBook, click here.

  • Offline study mode—or accessing your curriculum materials without Internet connection—is available for both the Digital Efficient Learning course and the VitalSource eBook.

    To study offline via Efficient Learning, please download the Wiley Efficient Learning application from the Apple or Android store. The mobile application makes all content available for offline study.

    To study offline via VitalSource, click here.

  • The Official CMT® Curriculum updates on an annual basis. The 2022 Digital Efficient Learning Curriculum will be out of date with the release of future editions. Because the curriculum changes each year, we do not recommend that candidates study for upcoming exams using out of date content.

    However, customers may download the 2022 readings to keep for future reference or purchase the print version.

    The VitalSource eBook does not expire, but the code you receive to access it does. If you purchase the Digital Only version of the CMT® Curriculum, be sure to set up your VitalSource account and activate your eBook right away.

  • If you select the Print + Digital purchase option on our website, you will receive a physical copy of the 2022 curriculum shipped to you and immediate access to the CMT® 2022 Digital Efficient Learning Curriculum on
  • As the CMT Association permits candidates to sit for a single Level per exam window and there are only two exam windows per year, it will take longer than a calendar year for you to complete Levels I-III. This means your preparation will likely span across at least two curriculum years.

    Therefore, we do not recommend that candidates purchase all three levels of the Official Curriculum at once, as the content will change as you progress through each Level.