Official CMT® Curriculum Frequently Asked Questions

We know that studying to become a Certified Market Technician® is no easy feat. That’s why Wiley is excited to offer the official CMT® Curriculum in digital course format for 2021! The new Efficient Learning digital course format gives you more ways to access and interact with your official curriculum content than a traditional eBook. We understand that this change may bring about some questions, so we’ve put together some FAQs to help you maximize your study time with the curriculum.

  • The CMT® 2021 Digital Curriculum is an online study tool that contains the official CMT® Curriculum combined with tools for planning your study, managing your time, and taking notes.
  • In recent years, the CMT® Curriculum was published in print and in an eBook format from VitalSource. The CMT® 2021 Digital Curriculum is a modern, digital solution that replaces the VitalSource eBook. The print version is still available.
  • Yes, you can download the CMT® 2021 Digital curriculum content directly to your laptop/tablet/phone. For detailed instructions on how to download the readings, click here.
  • Please download the Wiley Efficient Learning app from the Apple or Android store. The mobile app makes all content available for offline study.
  • The CMT® Curriculum updates on an annual basis. The 2021 Digital Curriculum will be out of date with the release of the 2022 CMT® Curriculum. Customers may download the 2021 readings to keep for future reference or purchase the print version.
  • If you select the Print + Digital purchase option on our website, you will receive a physical copy of 2021 Curriculum shipped to you and immediate access to the CMT® 2021 Digital Curriculum on