Why Become a CIMA Certificate-Holder?

According to the Investments & Wealth Institute, members cite:

  • Advanced knowledge of investment management.
  • More confidence when offering investment advice to clients.
  • Higher career satisfaction.
  • Better client trust and satisfaction with services.
  • More opportunities for career advancement.
  • Increased satisfaction with their employers.  

Thanks to the executive education requirement and rigorous certification process, the CIMA® designation is an opportunity to differentiate yourself as an elite advisor with top-tier investment management skills.

To learn more about the overall application, exam scheduling, and certification upkeep processes, click here.

About the CIMA® Exam

The CIMA® exam is 5-hours long and consists of 140 total multiple-choice questions. 125 questions are scored, while 15 are non-scored pretest questions. Candidates are permitted to use select calculators and the IWI’s approved Sample Formula Sheet at the time of testing. Prior to sitting for your exam, a minimum of 150 hours of study time is recommended.

Exam PercentageCurriculum DomainSections
  • Statistics and Methods
  • Applied Finance and Economics
  • Global Capital Markets
  • Vehicles
  • Equity
  • Fixed Income
  • Options/Futures
  • Alternative Investments
  • Real Assets
20%Portfolio Theory and Behavioral Finance
  • Portfolio Theories and Models
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Investment Philosophies and Styles
  • Tools and Strategies
20%Risk and Return
  • Attributes of Risk
  • Risk Measurements
  • Performance Measurement and Attribution
25%Portfolio Construction and Consulting Process
  • Ethics
  • Client Discovery
  • Investment Policy
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Manager Search and Selection
  • Portfolio Review and Revisions

About Current CIMA® Certificate-Holders

Check out some fast facts regarding current CIMA® certificate-holders.

  • Average age: 48
  • Average industry experience (finance/investment): 12+ years
  • Gender (disclosed): 85% male, 15% female

These professionals typically work in:

  • Investment Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Brokerages
  • Private Banking
  • Trust Services
  • Intergenerational Planning
  • Estate Planning

Ready to begin studying for your CIMA® exam? Explore the Wiley CIMA® Exam Review Course offered in partnership with the Investments and Wealth Institute.