Given the recent low-pass rates for the CFA exam, many people are looking for a suite of tools to help them feel as confident as possible on exam day, which is what UWorld provides you. If you just need the bare bones of test prep, then Mark Meldrum may be for you.

Let’s compare the two by reviewing pricing, study materials, video lectures, support features, and more, so you know exactly what you’re getting with each CFA review course provider.

UWorld vs. Mark Meldrum – Which CFA Review Course Is the Best?

UWorld stands out as the best CFA review course because it offers a comprehensive study plan packed with supportive features and the highest quality, most up-to-date study materials. And did we mention UWorld has expert instructors like Peter Olinto and Darren Degraaf who really care about their candidate’s success? On the other hand, Mark Meldrum review courses provide limited features, study material, and support.

Here’s what you can expect to get from UWorld CFA review courses (that you won’t get with Mark Meldrum):

  • Pass Guarantee
  • Manageable Lessons
  • Expert Mentors
  • Flashcards
  • 11th Hour Final Review
  • Bootcamps
  • Adaptive Study

And here are the main features you can expect from Mark Meldrum, all of which are part of the UWorld CFA Exam Review course:

  • Video Lectures
  • Mock Exams
  • Practice Questions

Next, let’s compare the features provided by UWorld vs. Mark Meldrum side by side with the CFA Exam Review Comparison Grid below.

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UWorld CFA vs. Mark Meldrum Comparison Chart

In the comparison chart below, you can quickly see which features you get with UWorld CFA or Mark Meldrum. As discussed previously, Mark Meldrum gives you the most basic study features like videos and mock exams, while UWorld gives you a comprehensive study plan that includes an exam planner, free course repeats and updates until you pass, manageable lessons, expert mentors, and more.

UWorld CFA vs. Mark Meldrum Cost Comparison

Now let’s look at pricing. UWorld has three CFA prep course options for each level of the exam; Mark Meldrum Institute also offers different package options for each level of the exam. Mark Meldrum’s main study package is their “full access” plan, but in CFA Level 2 and CFA Level 3 study plans, you can upgrade to their “full access plus” course to gain access to archived videos from the previous year’s CFA Level I and/or CFA Level II materials.

The main difference between UWorld’s course options and Mark Meldrum’s course options is what you get with the course as far as features and study materials. Mark Meldrum’s course options are less expensive, but that’s because they don’t come with comprehensive features like an exam planner, flashcards, bootcamps, expert mentors, or adaptive study (all of which come standard in UWorld courses).

With Mark Meldrum Institute you also have the option to purchase study materials for just one of the 10 sections for each exam level. These sections vary in cost from $31.50 (CAD) to $69.25 (CAD) per section per exam level. However, if you purchase sections separately, you lose more basic features like access to CFA mock exams.

CFA candidates K and John both found great value in UWorld CFA.

“Great value for the money. Perfect fit for busy professionals like me,” says CFA candidate K Ranjan Shenoy.

CFA candidate John Archbold says, “Overall UWorld provides not only the best value but the best possible preparation for the exam. The deep dive lectures especially were critical in understanding the more difficult aspects of the curriculum. I could not recommend UWorld more emphatically.”

UWorld CFA vs. Mark Meldrum Pass Guarantee

All of UWorld’s CFA review courses come with unlimited access and updates until you pass. This pass guarantee has no exceptions and no terms and conditions.

Beginning in 2021, Mark Meldrum added “One-Fee-To-Pass” coverage to its course subscriptions, meaning candidates who fail their exam can apply to have their course access extended. However, terms and conditions are attached to this offer.

Candidates must submit exam results for the exam window they originally studied for, and they also have to submit proof of registration for the new examination window.

So, if knowing you have access to your course no matter what until you pass is important to you, and you don’t want the hassle of fulfilling requirements to get one more shot with Mark Meldrum’s course, opt for a UWorld CFA course.

UWorld or Mark Meldrum Score Predictor

UWorld includes a helpful feature in all CFA Level 1 courses called Score Predictor. This feature estimates what your exam score will be based on your study material results and then allows you to easily adjust your study plan along the way to make sure you are reaching your goals.

Mark Meldrum does not have a score predictor tool.

UWorld CFA vs. Mark Meldrum Institute Exam Practice Questions

Practice questions are a place where UWorld really stands out. UWorld’s multiple-choice questions mimic what you’ll see on the real CFA exam and come with full answer rationales for EOC questions. With thousands of diverse practice questions, UWorld’s study materials will definitely have you feeling confident come exam day.

Mark Meldrum does offer practice tests and a practice question QBank as well, however they do stipulate that quizzes are only available for select readings.

CFA candidate Giancarlo Grant says, “I really like that UWorld provides such an extensive test bank.”

“UWorld’s material is very comprehensive and organized to set you up for success. The test bank does a great job creating questions that will prepare you for actual exam day.”

UWorld CFA vs. Mark Meldrum Institute Flashcards

Flashcards can really come in handy when you want to fit in some studying quickly while on the go. Between UWorld and Mark Meldrum, only UWorld offers flashcards with its courses. And an added bonus for UWorld is their flashcards are downloadable and print friendly.

UWorld CFA vs. Mark Meldrum Course Format

UWorld and Mark Meldrum are both online course formats. They both offer on-demand videos, but only UWorld offers live online class options. Beyond videos, UWorld has a full arsenal of study tools at your disposal, and Mark Meldrum provides you with the study basics.

Some key features you’ll get with UWorld courses include:

  • Trusted instructors like Peter Olinto and Darren Degraaf
  • Ask an Instructor Feature
  • Expert Mentors
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Manageable Lessons
  • Bootcamps
  • Score Predictor
  • and more!

CFA candidate Jerry Fuentes says, “The easy-to-read content, bite-sized lessons, and structured format of the UWorld material aided me in passing CFA Level 1 on the first attempt and all CPA exams on the first attempt.”

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Manageable Lessons

UWorld video lectures are broken down into digestible chapters based on Learning Outcomes, so the material stays manageable. These lessons can help you learn faster and retain more information. Mark Meldrum does not offer manageable lessons, and some candidates actually have trouble managing the length of Mark Meldrum videos.

CFA candidate Dicienz used UWorld CFA and says, “I passed my CFA Level 1 Exam on my first attempt and in the 90th percentile. I attribute my success to the use of bite-sized lessons that make the quantity of material significantly less daunting.”

Ask an Instructor

One thing that UWorld prioritizes is making sure no one feels like they alone on their CFA journey. That’s why they have expert mentors available to help with your tough CFA-related questions. And their instructors really care about making sure you feel confident in your understanding of the material.

Full-Length Practice Exams

Mock exams are important for testing your knowledge and making sure you feel prepared for the exam. UWorld provides two full-length mock exams with its courses; Mark Meldrum provides practice exams as well. UWorld’s exams are particularly helpful because they emulate the actual CFA exam interface.

JC Henry, CFA candidate, studied with UWorld and says, “[UWorld’s] mock exams were by far and away the best materials that I used to prepare for the exam.”

UWorld CFA vs. Mark Meldrum Institute Video Lectures

Along with their manageable lesson videos, UWorld also offers live and on-demand video classes in the Platinum and Gold courses. Mark Meldrum seminar videos are lengthy and thorough with some blue box examples for tougher sections, so they can be tough to get through. Mark Meldrum also has reading videos that follow the CFA books, but they do not offer live video lectures like UWorld.

Where UWorld stands out with their video lectures is their engaging instructors that make learning manageable and even fun.

UWorld lectures were particularly helpful for CFA candidates John and Lora because the instructors are helpful and care about their students’ success.

CFA candidate John Jordan says, “It is obvious that the instructors care about us. You can tell in the videos how hard they are working to teach us what’s needed. That matters when you are spending all that time listening to their videos.”

“Peter Olinto is an absolute star. He is the best teacher I have ever had even when compared with the professors at my undergraduate and graduate courses in university. He is fantastic! Without him, I would not have succeeded. Not only is his teaching excellent, but he also consistently gave the best advice to follow such as slow and steady wins the race and pointing out the sections that we must master to have a chance of passing,” says CFA program candidate Lora Terzieva.

UWorld or Mark Meldrum 11th Hour Review

UWorld’s Platinum course includes the 11th Hour Final Review course. This course can also be purchased as a standalone feature or added to UWorld’s Gold Course or Self-Study course. This final review is designed specifically to help you fully master key concepts before sitting for the exam, which can go a long way in building your confidence. Mark Meldrum does not have a final review feature.

CFA candidates Xin and Andrew both found UWorld’s 11th Hour Final Review to be very helpful as their exam date approached.

“The 11th Hour Guide and formula sheet are very important in the last three months before the exam. They help to sort out the mindmap of each topic that should be recommended to students,” CFA charter candidate Xin Lin says.

CFA candidate Andrew Cord says, “I found the 11th Hour Guide to be my go-to resource in the final few weeks of study. It was well worth the money.”

UWorld CFA vs. Mark Meldrum Institute Summary

After reviewing the features and support that come with UWorld CFA courses and Mark Meldrum courses, UWorld courses clearly provide the better value and more comprehensive study plan. This is because UWorld gives you important features that you need to feel confident. With UWorld, you get guaranteed access until you pass, Score Predictor in Level 1 courses, manageable lessons, and expert mentors who truly care about your success.
So, if you have dreams of becoming a CFA charterholder through CFA Institute, UWorld is your best bet to partner with for exam prep.

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