Free Online Webinar on Essential CFA Program Exam Study Strategies

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In the final weeks before the exam, you need to focus on more than just pouring through a ton of readings… you need a strategy for success on exam day. Join experienced instructor, Darren Degraaf, for this live, interactive 11th Hour Review webcast to get free study strategies for your final review plus test-taking tips and tactics – developed by an expert with decades of experience – to help you conquer the Levels I and II of the CFA Program exam.

Here’s just some of the information you’ll get when you attend this free on-demand webinar:

7 common mistakes on the CFA Program exam and how to avoid them
How to maximize your last weeks of study to increase your score
Practical tips for the day before the exam
What is the best way to answer and approach the questions on the Levels I and II of the CFA Program exam?
Essential exam day strategies – from how to behave to when and how you should guess
What are the top time management tips for the last 30 minutes of the CFA Program exam?
What to bring (and what not to!) and how to avoid strife on the big day itself
How to create and maintain the right attitude and mind set, which is essential for a solid score
The main differences and challenges between the Level II and the Level I exam
Plus much more…

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About our Instructor

Darren Degraaf

Darren Degraaf is an adjunct professor, curriculum developer, and faculty manager at Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, and has helped hundreds of candidates, across numerous CFA Program exam courses in Europe, the Americas, and throughout Asia, to master the CFA Program exam. As a practitioner, Darren was a senior manager at the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation in Vancouver, Canada.