Getting Started with Your CAIA Review Course


Getting Started with Your CAIA Review Course

Getting Started With Your CAIA® Review Course

Welcome to your Wiley | CAIA Exam Review Starter Kit. We’ll quickly cover how to log in, create your exam plan and access one of our Bite-Sized Lessons, which are designed to help you master a topic in as little as 45 minutes.

Bookmark the Login page

Step 1: Bookmark the Login Page

When you visit, you’ll see the login button in the upper-right corner. Click to go to the login page. Bookmark this page so you can return easily.

Enter your credentials

Step 2: Enter Your Credentials

Use this email address and your chosen password to log in.

Access the Review Course or Test Bank

Step 3: Access Your Course

Your course will be listed in “My Products” and show the level and year of study.


One of our most important features is the Personalized Digital Exam Planner. It automatically adapts to fit your schedule, pace of learning and progress within the course.

Open Your Planner

Step 1: Open Your Planner

When you log in to, you’ll see the option to “Create Your Plan” on the Welcome screen. Click that button to get started.

Choose Your Strategy

Step 2: Choose Your Strategy

The Exam Planner walks you through setting up your Study Plan in three steps, which asks you to detail when you plan to take the exam and your available days of study.


NOTE: You can amend your Exam Plan any time by selecting “DASHBOARD” from the navigation bar, then “Edit My Exam Plan”.

Get Your Plan

Step 3: Get Your Plan

You’ll then see an overview of your plan down to the day, outlining your assignments and study time required. Roll over the book icons with your mouse to see the underlying lesson.


Make changes to your plan or View your syllabus.


Select “Current Assignment” to start studying. Alternatively, click the arrow next to each Topic to expand and see the full syllabus by reading and lesson. You can jump directly into any lesson from your syllabus.

NOTE: You can access a lesson anytime by selecting “STUDY” from the Navigation bar, then “Syllabus”. Alternatively, go to your “DASHBOARD” in the navigation bar and select your next assignment.


What sets Wiley’s CAIA Exam Review apart is our popular Bite-Sized Lesson format. Each lesson breaks complex concepts down into snackable bits of multimedia content proven to help you learn faster and retain more.

When you open a lesson, you’ll see an overview of the Learning Objective plus a quick-start menu to get you to the lesson content.

NOTE: Run into a tough topic? Simply click on the “Get Mentoring” option included in the lesson. You can also take notes as you go – you can review these anytime by selecting “Notes and Highlights” in the “STUDY” section of the navigation bar.


Each lesson includes a video lecture featuring top CAIA instructors who walk you through a topic and common problem examples.

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As part of each lesson, there is a short, focused amount of study text for the topic which explains all the fundamentals and illustrates core concepts with examples.

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After you’ve read the text and absorbed the video lecture, take the practice questions to check your basic comprehension.

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You’re now ready to take a deeper assessment to test your understanding (these answers will go toward your progress metrics), or move on to the next lesson.

With focused attention, you can complete a Bite-Sized Lesson in as little as 45 minutes!

Give a Bite-Sized Lesson a try. You’ll find it’s much faster and more engaging than traditional lectures.

Check out Active Discussions

Once you’ve got started, don’t forget to track your progress in the “DASHBOARD”. Plus stay on track using the Metrics from practice questions that you have taken at the end of each lesson. You can access your Metrics, along with the Test Bank and Mock Exams within the “ASSESS” section on the navigation bar.

Want more help? If you have questions or need help in any way, please reach out to us by phone, email or chat – we’re always here to help!