The Instructor Mentoring Experience Has Been Updated! Find out What That Means for You.

Great news! You’ll no longer have to recall what lessons you’ve posted questions to and check back to see if the question has been answered. Now once the instructor replies you’ll receive a notification letting you know that you have a new message

You’ll be able to access the message center on every page of the platform except while taking an assessment.

When an instructor replies you’ll see a notification appear at the top of your screen.

Once you open the message center you’ll see one or two columns one for posts from “ask an instructor” and one for “student discussions”
message center discussion areas

When viewing your messages you’ll be able to see:

  • Who posted back to them
  • The lesson it came from
  • The name of the topic that was create
  • A preview of the message

You’ll only see the most important things first:

  • Responses from instructors on questions that you asked are the highest priority and will always show first
  • Posts where someone @mentions you
  • Posts created by you and its latest activity is from another student
  • Posts from a topic that you didn’t create, but commented on

You can then click on the post and it’ll open it up in a new tab so that you can continue their discussions.

Mentoring Will Now Be Called “Ask an Instructor”

Mentoring Will Now Be Called Ask an Instructor

We want to make sure every student knows that they are getting the best advice from Wiley’s world-class team of instructors. This change in the terminology will allow you to easily identify and use the tool without confusion.

All Existing Topics and Forums Will Be Archived

All Existing Topics and Forums Will Be Archived

If you’re in the middle of studying and you are either waiting on a response from an instructor, or looking to reference an existing message board with relevant content, don’t worry: all the existing content in the discussion boards will be easily accessible with the “View Archived” button at the top left of the screen. This will help make sure students don’t miss a beat during the update of our interface. Additionally, students will be able to Subscribe, Watch, or Sort topics with the controls on the top right. This means you can find the most relevant content for your question or monitor your post for responses in real-time.

Please Note: all students will be able to access and post to the old discussion boards and threads for thirty days in order to wrap up any activity. After thirty days the old discussion boards under “View Archive” will be in read only mode.

Old Forums

How to Create a New Topic

How to Create a New Topic

Creating a new topic just got easier! Simply select the “New Topic” button at the top left of the screen and you’ll see a blank topic open. One this screen you can create your topic title, write your copy, and then also tag your topic to allow other students and instructors to interact with it. The topic creation tool has basic text options such as bold, italics, inserting images and hyperlinks to give the student more control over how to post their questions with the upmost clarity and precision. By hitting the “Submit” button your topic will then be added to the boards.

Interacting with Your Post

If you find a post that was especially helpful, you are now able to “Upvote” that particular thread so that it will be more obvious to fellow students who have similar questions. You can sort by what’s upvoted or downvoted, saving you time and helping you get exactly what you need. If you find a thread that answers the question for someone else, you can also now @mention that person in the thread to send them a notification and flag that answer directly to them.

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