Focus your study with Adaptive Review

Adaptive Review, powered by FocusMe TechnologyTM, maximizes your study time by showing you where you need to focus.

How it works

Each Adaptive Review session adapts to how you’re performing and identifies lessons that you need to study more.

Sessions dynamically adapt to how well you know your stuff. Answer correctly, and the difficulty of the following questions increases, so you can avoid easier questions that eat up your time. On the flip side, if you’re struggling, questions will get a bit easier.
Adaptive Review sessions can range from 10 to 30 questions. Unlike assessments, Adaptive Review sessions don’t have a set number of questions. The number of questions you get varies based on how you’re doing.
After each session, you’ll see Study Recommendations based on your performance. We’ll highlight your strengths and weaknesses and link you directly to lessons that you need to focus on.

When to use it

Once you’ve completed your lessons, we recommend using Adaptive Review to see what you need to review before proceeding to the Post Assessments. The goal is to maximize your score on the Post Assessment with minimum retakes.

Use Adaptive Review as often as you like to focus your studies. You have access to thousands of questions!

How to make the most of Adaptive Review

As mentioned above, at the end of each session, you’ll see Study Recommendations based on your performance. Each lesson covered in the practice session will be grouped into one of three buckets:

Focus Here: You’ll want to spend more time studying these lessons before the Post Assessment.
Almost There: You’re doing well on these lessons, but there’s room to improve.
You’ve Got This: You know these lessons. While it’s always good to review, you’re strong here.

The Study Recommendations page links right back to your lessons, so you can get right back to studying the lessons you need more work on.

take a look at the interface of Wiley Efficient Learning's Adaptive Review

Spend your time studying where it matters the most. As always, contact us if you have any questions.