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About the Official ACT® Science Guide, 2nd Edition About the Official ACT® Science Guide, 2nd Edition

About the Official ACT® Science Guide, 2nd Edition

Your Official ACT® Science Guide, 2nd Edition combines information on test day procedures, strategies and shortcuts to save time by reading charts and graphs faster, and hundreds of practice questions—all with clear explanations straight from the makers of the ACT test. You’ll also get a full science vocabulary section to help you synthesize key terms, a detailed breakdown of all science reporting categories, in-depth examples using official ACT passages, and more.

Via the one-time-use PIN code inside the front cover of your book, you’ll have access to all practice questions in a customizable test bank on the award-winning Wiley Efficient Learning platform, plus a collection of digital flashcards. This book is the only study guide with real ACT science questions organized by question type.

About ACT® Official Subject Guides About ACT® Official Subject Guides

About ACT® Official Subject Guides

The Official Subject Guides offer updated step-by-step guidance for the English, mathematics, reading, and science sections on the ACT test. Written by the experts, each Official Subject Guide includes access to a customizable test bank with hundreds of questions, practical advice and test-taking strategies, explanations for all questions from the makers of the ACT, and unique, easy-to-understand glossaries that break down key terms.

If you’re struggling with a specific section of the ACT test, the Official Subject Guides deliver the targeted prep you need to boost your confidence and your score.

Want all the Official Subject Guides, plus the Official ACT® Prep Guide (2022-2023) and expanded online resources? Click here.

Test Banks – 1,000+ Questions! Test Banks – 1,000+ Questions!

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Designed to challenge and prepare you for all you will encounter on test day, these tools are a great way to evaluate your progress and identify areas for further review.

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Mobile App Access

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