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Wiley Efficient Learning Platform Access Wiley Efficient Learning Platform Access

Wiley Efficient Learning Platform Access

Access a host of online tools to help you learn and retain ACT test material on Wiley’s award-winning Efficient Learning platform via the PIN code inside your book. Review lesson content and assessments online, retain key information from over 400 digital flashcards, and access your practice tests anytime, anywhere. Take notes and highlight text throughout your lessons to personalize your study experience and track performance metrics from your dashboard.

Personalized Exam Planner

Create a customized study schedule in seconds with our award-winning Exam Planner feature. One of the first elements you’ll see when accessing the Efficient Learning platform, the Exam Planner gives you a clear, personalized path to ACT success based on your circumstances and available study time.

Test Banks – 1,000+ Questions! Test Banks – 1,000+ Questions!

Customizable Online Test Banks

Simulate the ACT test day experience with our customizable test banks included via PIN code with your Official Guide. Yes, you’ll have access to hundreds of practice questions across the English, science, reading, and math sections!

Designed to challenge and prepare you for all you will encounter on test day, these tools are a great way to evaluate your progress and identify areas for further review.

Want a personalized study experience? Select Study Mode to see results after each question or Exam Mode to hide feedback until you complete the full practice session.

Mobile App Access Mobile App Access

Mobile App Access

It can be tough to carve out time for studying. But what if you could take your Official ACT® Prep content with you and review on the go?

Access your test banks, lessons, lesson assessments, progress metrics, and more with the convenient Efficient Learning mobile application after registering your unique PIN code found inside your guide. Browse study text and your personal notes no matter where you are!