Microsoft Excel© for Accountants



This Career-Readiness Course Enhances Your Skills By:

save time
Saving time by automating complex calculations versus manual calculations
accurate agile
Being more accurate in your calculations and agile with your reports
data set review
Quickly reviewing difference aspects of data sets to come to smart decisions every time
CPA exam Microsoft Excel
Preparing for an upcoming CPA exam with the needed Microsoft Excel knowledge

Included In This Course

Online video lessons with shortcut study guides

Online video lessons with shortcut study guides
  • Video lessons both lay out key concepts and show those concepts in action
  • Accompanying online study guides succinctly capture key concepts for additional review
  • Session assessments enable you to test your new knowledge through multiple-choice questions
  • Lessons are built so that you end the course with an intermediate level of Microsoft Excel proficiency

Downloadable lesson exercises
  • Downloadable files for the hands-on exercises so that you can follow along with the video lesson
  • Additional supplemental assignments so that you can test your new skills by practicing on additional files

Mobile – Study Anytime, Anywhere
  • Study on the go and stay connected across multiple devices or take a break and pick up right where you left off with synchronization that saves your progress no matter where you access your course.