Free Caterpillars and Slaughtered Unicorns


Two significant events happened this week that the market has yet to fully price in. “NIRP” is rapidly becoming the acronym du jour alongside “QE” and “TARP”. NIRP stands for “negative interest rate policy”, and Japan is the latest country to see the writing on the way: global demand is on the verge of collapsing…

What’s Next After $20 Oil and the RMB Devaluation?


Yesterday (January 26, 2016) marked the first significant break from US equities trading in lock step with Chinese indices, even in the face of an overnight drop of over 6% on the Chinese Hang Seng index (Describe how equity correlations and correlation volatilities behave throughout various economic states [MR-8]). What most talking heads on CNBC…

Wiley Enters World-Wide Partnership With Christian H. Cooper To Deliver Cutting-Edge Study Materials For FRM® Candidates


We are very excited to announce our partnership with Christian Cooper, the previous owner and publisher of Christian has helped thousands of FRM candidates throughout the world successfully prepare for and pass the FRM Exam, making him an incredible addition to the Wiley team. As the lead instructor and author of Wiley’s FRM Exam…

5 PMP Exam Tips to Master With Your Morning Coffee

Work on the table

Situational questions on the PMP® exam are hard, especially if your experience as a project manager has been with an organization that doesn’t commit to PMI’s ideas word for word. Do what you must at your job, but commit these mottos to memory for the PMP exam. Human Resources:  Confronting  isn’t bad—it’s a problem solving-approach…

How One Man Passed the CMA Exam & Won ICMA® Bronze Medal


Passing the CMA Exam is an amazing achievement. Passing it and winning the 2015 ICMA® Bronze Medal? That’s downright astonishing. And it’s exactly what David Unterdorfer did (with the help of Wiley CMAexcel), getting the third highest score of the 5,726 people who took the exam last year.