The CFA Exam Results Are Out!


The CFA exam results are out. If you received a passing score, congratulations – this is an enormous achievement and one that you should be very proud of. If you did not receive the score you were hoping for, don’t give up! The CFA is a very difficult exam, but with some more practice, you…

Why The CMA’s Learning Outcome Statements Matter


There is a wide variety and volume of tasks that a Certified Management Accountant (CMA®) can be asked to complete in their day-to-day work. To ensure today’s CMAs are fully prepared for the challenge, the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (IMA®) has designed the CMA® Program curriculum to be as comprehensive as possible. 

The FRM Exam Results Are Out!


The FRM exam results are out. If you received a passing score, congratulations! You should be very proud of your wonderful and well-earned accomplishment. Now that you’ve got Part I under your belt, it’s time to jump-start your studies for the November FRM Part II exam. Sign up to save 15% when Part II materials…

What Order Should You Take The CIA Exam?

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With just under 40% of candidates passing the CIA Exam in 2015, it’s one of the hardest credentialing exams in accounting. That’s why you need to fully understand how the exam is formatted and how that knowledge can work to your advantage (or disadvantage). 

Impairment Of Assets: Enjoy This CMA Exam Deep Dive!

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One of the most popular additions to the Wiley CMAexcel CMA Review Course we’ve ever made was the addition of Deep Dive videos — short videos on particularly tricky topics that really break down how you can expect to see it tested on the CMA Exam. Enjoy this deeper look at impairment of assets.