What is PMP Certification?

What is Project Management Professional(PMP)® Certification

What is Project Management Professional(PMP) Certification

Project Management Professional (PMP)® is the official certification for project managers. Certification tells employers and other professionals that you have a thorough understanding of the global language of project management. It tells them you are an expert in all aspects of project management—from project delivery to leading and directing cross-functional teams.

Why PMP Certification Is Important

Employers increasingly want to hire project managers with PMP certification, especially in big tech companies. That’s because companies and their customers increasingly see PMP certification as a sign that you understand the importance of strong project management in delivering successful projects, and that you have those skills. Research also shows that if more than 1/3 of a company’s project managers are PMP certified, more projects are completed on time, on budget and meet original project goals.*

How PMP Certification Helps Your Career

In fact, project managers with PMP® certification can earn up to 17% more than PMs who are not certified.* With PMP certification, you will have more career opportunities. You will be able to work in pretty much any industry, anywhere in the world, no matter what methodology your employer uses.

What Are the Qualifications for PMP Certification?

To qualify for certification, you must be a project manager who has been responsible for all aspects of project delivery, and who has led and directed cross-functional teams.

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