What Does a Project Manager Do?

What Does a Project Manager Do?

What Does a Project Manager Do?

Project managers are masters of relationship building and demonstrate a command of the critical leadership, analytical, math and time management skills needed to deliver results on time and on budget. That’s why the PMP certification is highly valued and respected, both by companies and their customers, as it highlights the most skilled and committed professionals.Professionals with a PMP® certification can work in a variety of industries, including business, information technology, human resources, manufacturing, construction, insurance, financial services, advertising/marketing, engineering, healthcare, training and education and more.

Here’s a breakdown of what project managers do on a daily basis in each phase of the project management lifecycle.


  1. Determine overall vision
  2. Create the business case to be approved by key stakeholders
  3. Clarify the scope and objectives
  4. Understand possible risks and cost of the project
  5. Identify resources, skills and products
  6. Determine project team


  1. Create and maintain a workable plan
  2. Create and manage the project budget
  3. Anticipate issues that may occur
  4. Set timelines and milestones– A project must have a Start and End Date. It should not continue indefinitely.
  5. Activity planning
  6. Business partnering
  7. Set up systems of communication


  1. Ensure each team member contributes
  2. Ensure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule
  3. Lead meetings
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  1. Monitor progress
  2. Mediate
  3. Document all aspects of each project
  4. Take corrective action when necessary
  5. Review metrics


  1. Implement the solution into production
  2. Ensure projects deliver results on time and on budget
  3. Lessons learned
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