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PMP Pop Quiz #46: Project Human Resources Management

Question 1

Sandi is managing a project in a matrix organization. One of her team members has completed his portion of the project. What should Sandi's next step be?

  • Assign the team member to a new project
  • Place a staff evaluation in the team members performance appraisal
  • Allow the team member to remain on the project team
  • Ask the team member to assist in another work package
Correct Answer B.

When a team member finishes his or her assignment on the project and completes the work assigned to them.

Question 2

You are a team member on a new project team consisting of highly qualified security experts and have been tasked with assigning the various work packages on the WBS. However, your project manager has changed some of your assignments, and you have distributed the new assignments to the team. Several team members have come to you to complain that the more difficult tasks have been assigned to the women on the team, and the men have received the easier work packages. At the same time, some of them male team members are complaining that they would like some of the more daunting tasks that could provide a learning experience and enhance their resumes. When you bring this up with your project manager, he simply tells you that he is managing the team and you will leave the assignments the way he determined. Which of the following describes the conflict resolution method the project manager is using?

  • Forcing
  • Compromising
  • Accommodating
  • Smoothing.
Correct Answer A.

The project manager is pushing his personal viewpoint on others by using the power of his position.

Question 3

Retreating from a potential conflict situation describes which conflict management style?

  • Smoothing
  • Avoiding
  • Accommodating
  • Compromising
Correct Answer B.

Avoiding is retreating from an actual or potential conflict situation

End of quiz

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