The GMAT™ Official Guide Study Plan

Official Guide to Exam in 8 weeks

Week 1 Get familiar with the exam and set a baseline score
  • The GMAT Official Guide outlines everything that’s covered on the test and provides tips and study strategies for each section
  • Take the Diagnostic Test included in the book to learn which types of questions you’ll need to practice most
GMAT Official Guide Don’t worry about your score on the Diagnostic Test! The goal is to become familiar with the exam and set a baseline for measuring your progress.
Week 2 Practice
  • Answer the first 1/3 of practice questions in each section of the Official Guide to help identify areas you need to focus on most
  • Continually review answer explanations and refine your approach to questions
GMAT Official Guide Questions in each section of the Official Guide are ordered based on level of difficulty, from easy to hard.
Week 3 Assess your progress
  • Log into the Official Guide Online to access the online question bank. Start building small practice sets in Study Mode.
  • As you gain confidence, adjust the filters to add more difficulty and include a mix of question types
GMAT Official Guide Online Use the code in the GMAT® Official Guide to access the online question bank. Start by focusing on the question types the Diagnostic Test indicated you’d need to practice most.
Week 4 Focus on time management
  • Create longer, timed practice sets in Exam Mode to practice answering questions under time pressure.
GMAT Official Guide Online Time management is very important on the GMAT exam. Develop a sense of when to work through a question and when to make an educated guess and move on.
Week 5 Build confidence
  • Review answer explanations and create new practice sets in Study Mode based on the questions you got wrong
GMAT Official Guide Online Spend as much time reviewing questions as answering them.
Week 6 Assess your readiness
  • Create a practice set in Exam Mode with 12 IR, 31 quant, and 36 verbal questions to simulate a full-length practice exam.
  • Pay attention to pacing throughout the exam
  • Review the practice set in full and adjust your study plan accordingly
GMAT Official Guide Online When taking timed practice sets in Exam Mode, try to simulate a real test experience and minimize the number of distractions that could disrupt your concentration..
Week 7 Build confidence
  • Build new practice sets targeting the areas where you need to study most
GMAT Official Guide Online Be sure to test yourself on the additional Integrated Reasoning questions not available in the book.
Week 8 Prepare for test date
  • Continue practicing and reviewing answer explanations
  • Develop a time management strategy based on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Think through test day logistics and learn what to expect at the test center
GMAT® Official Guide + Online Don’t try to cram too much in the last week; focus on building confidence and keeping your mind fresh.