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Christian Cooper launched FRMstudyguides.com in 2012 to provide a better way to study for the FRM exam. He wanted to take candidates beyond the exam and help them advance their careers by becoming better quantitative finance practitioners. Since then, his materials have already helped hundreds of candidates to write for the FRM exam and he has consistently received positive user feedback that testifies that he has achieved those goals. As one of the world’s leading global finance publishers, Wiley acquired FRMstudyguides.com to complement our existing highly regarded risk and quantitative finance program of books, journals and learning solutions. And the word is starting to spread quickly…. See what past customers are saying.

We know what it takes to pass. Efficient use of study time, a thorough grasp of all the topics assigned by GARP, particularly the Quantitative section, and plenty of practice.

What makes us better? Here is the short list:

  1. Our explanations are more detailed. We teach you the concepts not just the recap. Written by an expert practitioner who marries theory with practical application we connect interrelated ideas and topics across the curriculum to help you learn faster and retain more.
  2. Better quality questions take you beyond memorizing formulae to ensure you can answer the challenging questions you may see on the exam.
  3. Our in-depth FRM Study Guidescover every Learning Outcome Statement on the FRM exam and use colors and cross-references so you can clearly follow explanations and can map them back to the Program Curriculum.
  4. Our FRM Lecture Videos offer more depth. They help you focus on the core concepts and the topics that cover the most weight and show up most often on the exam. Wiley videos use whiteboards and worked examples to walk you through each solution in a way that helps you crystallize how topics are applied in practice so you build confidence and tackle a greater variety of exam questions.
  5. Wiley is one of the most respected educational providers in the world, having published 450 Nobel laureates in every Nobel Prize category. We are a proven leader in Business, Finance and Accounting as well as Test Prep, where our study materials have helped more than half a million candidates study for and pass accounting and finance exams, including the CFA and FRM exams among others. So you can be assured of our quality, integrity, and support.
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Your FRM Exam Review Course is written by Christian Cooper, an experienced risk practitioner and expert instructor who has helped hundreds of candidates to pass the FRM exam. Christian’s goal is to help you not only pass the FRM exam with confidence, but to help you become smarter at quantitative finance, a better risk manager and a more intelligent practitioner.

Hear Christian’s Story

Christian Cooper CFA, FRM

Christian Cooper is the former head of US Rate Derivatives Trading at Jefferies in New York. He directs Banking for a New Beginning (BNB), a public / private partnership between the Aspen Institute and the US Department of State. BNB is focused on deepening engagement between the private sector in the US and the central banks in the Middle East and North Africa. The aim of BNB is to build partnerships with the central banks that promote economic opportunity, create markets, and shared best practices. He is a Truman National Security Fellow, a term member at the Council on Foreign Relations, and is an active participant at the Aspen Institute. He is a graduate of King College and holds both the CFA and FRM designations.

He lives and works in New York City.

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  • Exam Questions: More than 500+ multiple-choice questions and answers with full rationales per Part.
  • Lecture Videos: Chunked into bite-sized lectures to aid learning and retention, you can get to grips with a lesson in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Study Guides: Color coded and cross referenced to the FRM curriculum for ease of use.

At Wiley, our goal is to help you conquer the FRM exam in the most efficient way possible. We believe you should be able to fit your studies around your busy schedule… and still enjoy life.