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Helping our students conquer a massive goal, such as passing the CPA Exam, is why we do what we do. We are your Partner Until You Pass. We succeed when you succeed and we don’t charge you extra to help you meet your goals. Read some of the many CPA success stories collected from our students over the years. And when you pass, we look forward to hearing your story too!

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Rebecca Wuorio

Manchester, NH

I had the summer off and used CPAexcel to really focus on studying…watch the video here

Carmen Gerea

Arlington Heights, IL

….CPAexcel was what I expected: efficient way of learning….

AUD – 99
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Merike Henneman

Arlington, VA

The CPAexcel comprehensive study materials are truly exceptional. Being able to listen to the video lectures and having access to the professor mentoring made the learning process a little more interactive and effective.

Aaron Jacob

New Canaan, CT

I used CPAexcel exclusively and was able to pass all four sections on the first try. The material they provide is very thorough and helped me to feel confident on exam day. The iPhone app was great and allowed me to go through practice questions at any time.

Max Duncan

Charlottesville, VA

CPAexcel’s Bite Sized Lessons meant every minute of studying was spent learning the material, not distracted in a classroom setting…

Jason Rowland

Emporia, KS

I passed all four sections of the CPA Exam on my first attempt and feel that CPAexcel contributed a great deal to my success. CPAexcel’s Bite-Sized Lessons break the voluminous CPA Exam material into small, manageable pieces.

Chris Ortiz

Tamuning, Guam

The video lectures, study texts and various tools available enabled me to efficiently and effectively focus on weak areas in my review.

Michael Campisi

Yorktown Heights, NY

CPAexcel is an effective and efficient program to tackle the CPA Exam.

REG – 97
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Michelle Walker

Round Rock, TX

Not only do the lesson plans cover all the material, the instructor videos and the overall resources help create a framework of understanding, which has served me well on the exams.

AUD – 99
FAR – 95

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Alex Debbink

Mequon, WI

I have found CPAexcel to be extremely comprehensive and helpful in my studies of FAR and Audit. For the final two parts, I place full faith in the CPAexcel material and personalized study plan because I am confident that it will work again.

AUD – 98
FAR – 95

* Disclaimer below

* We have been collecting our students’ pass rates and success statements since 2004 through quarterly surveys following the release of their CPA Exam results. Responding to the surveys is voluntary.  Students who respond to the survey furnish their exam scores to us, enabling us to know whether they passed or failed. The results we have collected during this time show that over 90% of students who complete the Wiley CPAexcel Review Course, defined as earning a Wiley CPAexcel score of 90% or more, go on to pass the CPA Exam. Individual results may vary. Learn more.